Tamar Nature Silhouettes We are proud to announce the launch of our brand new range - Tamar Nature Silhouettes.

Appreciate the beauty of nature with these silhouettes of birds and creatures, all created from sturdy iron sheet with a natural rust finish. Each piece is made to the highest quality and they bring nature into your garden or home in the most beautiful way.

They are easy to secure - Just screw the baseplate atop a post, fence through the premade screw-holes both indoors or out.

Other designs can be hung from a bough on a tree or shrub, or on a hook.

The larger hares just spike into the ground with special ground spikes.

We hope that you enjoy these and 'watch this space' for many more designs coming soon... They look wonderful all year round from summer sunrises, to cold winter days when they can become frosted with ice crystals, just beautiful!

Our designs are the result of the incredible work of designer Lisa Buckridge.
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